Hold you forever (F...
By grace9550
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Lucy Heartfillia, a female mage from the guild: Fairy tail. She vowed to never love again, and focus on becoming stronger. She hopes that she'll forget 'him'; heartbroken by love. She hates males now, the cause: Natsu Dragneel. She only wishes that she could forgive him though............ Sting Eucliffe, a male mage from the guild: Sabertooth. A strong willed, yet na├»ve boy. Is too confident and proud, and has the Fairy tail guild as an arch enemy. He never saw Lucy, but hear rumors of a powerful celestial wizard from that guild. He becomes very curious to see her. But what WILL happen. if those two were to meet? And who will try to stop the growing relationship,.....but first; will Lucy even want to be near him? And from their partnership of guilds to do a job, just how well will it go? Cover done by: @TrinityLi DISCLAIMER: Most characters do not belong to me, but to Hiro Mashima. This is a fanfiction. The only thing i own is the story plot, and other minor details. ┬ęCopyright

Hold you forever (Fairytail: StiLu/ StiCy)

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Hold you...
by grace9550