Run Away With Me [K...
By amerrrickan
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Kellin Quinn. He’s the ultimate criminal. Charged with murder, kidnapping, and assault, he’s been locked up in a prison in which he meets a certain man – no, not a man. He’s a monster, and he changes Kellin into a monster too; one with fangs and a craving for blood. Vic Fuentes. He’s the supposed “victim” here. On multiple medications, he’s forced into therapy to talk about this whole “incident” and the bullies at his new school, Mission Bay High. Vic’s over-active imagination pictures Kellin everywhere he goes, until one day, he actually is with him. When Kellin escapes from prison, he, Mike, Ari, Tay, Zack, and Vic run away. The stakes are high, but not as high as the craving for human blood. “We’ll be together forever, my love. This time, I mean it.” (Cover credit: @-kellic)

Run Away With Me {Kellic} {Book 2}

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Run Away...
by amerrrickan