The Bad Girl And Th...
By iss_bri
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Brianna Brown is your average bad girl but the reason why she does bad things like smoking , fighting in rings and has a lot of relationship with different boys is because of her past. She was abused by her first boyfriend ,Mason she fell in love with that's why her parents moved from Brooklyn, New York to Dubia where she attends Omiltan High school. Her parents are the billionaire CEO of Brown's enterprises. The bad boy at Omiltan High is Chris Rodriquez has a very bad past. He is the gang leader of Dubia's most feared gang called "Angel of death " .His father is the top lawyer in Dubia which he owns his own law firm and his mother is a fashion designer. What will happen when the two meet under certain circumstances.

Chapter 1

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The Bad G...
by iss_bri