To Be a Beauty
By EmeraldStrawberry
  • Adventure
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  • misunderstandings
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  • reincarnation
  • ruthlessprotagonist
  • savingmalelead
  • strong-female-character
  • strongfemalelead
  • system
  • timetravel
  • transmigration
  • villain
  • villainess
  • wattys2019


Leaving this world, was not part of my plan. Until fate decided, that no, you need to die today. ___________________________________________________________ She was reincarnated with a task at hand. To save the male lead using her abilities, and to become a beauty? 'Why do I even need to be beautiful?' [You don't need to be beautiful. You need to be a beauty.] '...What's the difference?' [You will know in time.] Please be warned that the author is an amateur writer and has limited knowledge and capabilities involving grammar, proofreading, and writing in general. In short, There will be grammatical errors and constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. Oh, and the pic in the cover is not mine. Credits to the artist who made the art.

Author's Note

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To Be a B...
by EmeraldStrawberry