The Heart Breaker's...
By DJBiancafrost
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Joaquin likes ladies but not relationships, loves dating but not romantic commitments. He lives his life getting every woman he wants while avoiding love, drama and serious relationships. For years, he thought it'd be like that. They may call him Heart Breaker but at least from the very beginning, he sets the expectation in advance to these ladies. Until he met Cataleya. Ang babaeng gustong mag-mend ng kanyang broken heart. Lagi nga kasi itong naiinlove pero ni hindi man lang nadadala. With pity perhaps, when she asked him how to be like him, he decided to impart her a little of his Casanova knowledge. So he started to teach her a lesson on how to be a heartbreaker herself. He thought it was that easy to teach how not to fall in love again. Until her fell in love with her instead.

Chapter 1 (Script Version)

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The Heart...
by DJBiancafrost