The Twin Alphas (bo...
By SarahFarrington
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All werewolves can find their mates at the age of 16, and Anastasia is about to find her's. Except instead of having one she has two. Anastasia is in her final year at Starling High. So far she has been able to go unnoticed by but her friends and family. Which is just how she likes it. Though her days of being unnoticed quickly come to an end when she is asked to tutor two of the most popular boys in school, Alexander and Andrew Knight. Though these boys are also her Alphas. What will she do when she finds out she is mated to both of them? Alexander and Andrew have watched Anastasia since the day they realized that see was their mate. The twins have always known that they would have the same mate since the day they turned 16. When the two purposely start failing English, they request to be tutored by Anastasia. The only reason being, they want to get to spend time with her. They are never able to be around her at any other time without breaking pack rules. That is what makes their plan full proof. What will happen if their friends find out what they are doing before they know that Anastasia is their mate?

The Twin Alphas

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The Twin...
by SarahFarrington