Rodeo Hearts
By CharismaticWildFlwrs
  • Romance
  • barrelracing
  • bullriding
  • cowboy
  • cowgirl
  • equestrian
  • horses
  • love
  • lovetriangle
  • rodeo
  • romance


Aurora Lamar is a small town girl with dreams of barrel racing in the National Finals Rodeo. She's not your average girl. Under her western attire there is a girl of many talents as well as insecurities. What will happen when Aurora gets her heart broken? Aurora was determined to leave her past behind her. Forgive but never forget. Aurora set out on the rodeo road to get to her ultimate goal of competing in Las Vegas. The road she set herself on is long and rough. Along the way she literally runs into a guy, Brayden, who seems to be different than the guys she is use to. Aurora is not sure whether or not she is ready for the commitment that goes along with a relationship. Brayden is a young and promising bull rider. He works constantly to try and make his family proud of him. However that is hard to do when his parents disapprove of his lifestyle. He plans to open a veterinary practice once he graduates vet school and retires from bull riding. For a long time all he ever wanted was to meet someone who shared his same interest and understood him. When disaster strikes will Aurora be able to pick up the pieces and continue her journey? Will Brayden stick with her through thick or thin? Will he pack his bags and head for the heels at the first sign of trouble? Will her dream of competing in the National Finals Rodeo come true?

Chapter 1

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Rodeo Hea...
by CharismaticWildFlwrs