Taming His Stallion...
By Stars-vs-Chocolates
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Paege is young woman known for understanding animals ... or more specifically horses. She is hired by the beautiful sweet sister of a rich and famous tycoon to tame his stallion. She is stubborn yet humble. When Paege agreed to the job, no one told her that her new boss was so athletic, arrogant or attractive. He ires her to no end though expecting her to answer to his every whim. Despite her growing pains where he's concerned, she stays to help Angel find his way. Daniel is a young and daring tycoon who grew up on a farm. Though he did, some animals he just couldn't grasp even if he tried. Eg. his new stallion, Angel. So he hires someone to tame him. Danny's shocked to discover his new employee is that of the gorgeous young spitfire. The woman who his younger sister Bell had hired to tame Angel. Little does Paege know that she ignited a fire within him and it won't go out. Now that she's taming Angel, who was supposed to tame him? All Rights Reserved!!!!

Taming His Stallion

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