Through the Eyes of...
By lenalou85
  • Paranormal
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Prendle has a gift. She can see the future, but she keeps a secret. All she has ever wanted to do, was help people. When she sees someone she cares for die in a vision, she knows she has to tell her. Unfortunately, her revelation is not well-received. Determined to keep her safe, she begins to follow her. This is when Lucas comes into her life. Lucas is a tough cop; the new chief at the police department. And just Prendle's luck, he doesn't believe in people who have "visions". When they first meet, Lucas and Prendle do not get along at all. That is, until he stumbles upon something he can't leave alone. Someone is after Prendle, someone willing to kill and it's apparent he's been following her for a really long time. Thus begins a game of cat and mouse. Will Lucas be able to catch this psycho before he kills her?

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Through t...
by lenalou85