(ON HOLD) Like Ecst...
By Wild_for_BL
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[ON HOLD] Zhen Wen and Zhen Wu are stepbrothers. They've always been very close and Zhen Wu has always been very caring and overly protective of his younger 'brother'. But as their feelings for each become stronger and deeper their relationship takes a new turn. THIS STORY IS CURRENTLY ON HOLD. I can't find the inspiration to write this story right now even though the whole plot is set in stone in my head. I will eventually resume it, probably once the filming of the movie starts - seeing the actors interacting again might give me a boost. :) *** Notes: 1) It will include boyxboy mature content (lots of it ) so be comfortable with that. 3)This is fanfic and the original characters do not belong to me. Credits go to the rightful owner. Enjoy! ❤

1. The beginning

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(ON HOLD)...
by Wild_for_BL