Chasing Life
By Her_winx_
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KIM TAEHYUNG FANFIC! Annora, A girl who is hurt by her own people to the extend she stopped believing in love.. family.. and has trust issues. Her mental state made her stop caring about all the things that happens to her.. the abuse, the problems in her life, she choosed to ignore all sorts of things and hide away her emotions close herself off and rather concentrate on her degree so she could start a fresh. Ace(Kim Taehyung) with Zayn(Jeon Jungkook) and Jimin(Park Jimin) Who are forced to go to America to complete their degree. They are actually from Korea, the famous boy band group BTS which includes 7 members in all. These three didn't complete their degree due to their tight schedule and now before climbing more walls of success they are asked to complete their education by keeping a low profiles and Changing their identity. What happens when a misunderstanding rose between Ace and Annora and it ends up Ace teaching Annora to love and trust again only to break her into tons of pieces. Join the journey of Ace and Annora to know how and what happens.. ___________________________________ I didn't believe a word that they said. I looked over at Ace who looked.... calm? who was sitting arrogantly with a smirk and the look of .... satisfaction? I felt the world under my feet moving, everything was a lie, a game, everyone knew about it, just I didn't. I was fooled. I felt huge ache in my heart. My eyes became wet, I felt numb I wanted to speak, scream but no words came out. He taught me to love and trust It was all a lie. I wanted to move, run, slap him, ask him but my legs didn't move. I was used.... I was played.... "Was it fun?" I heard myself saying with a shaky voice almost whispering. He stood up from the chair and started walking near me, he was still smirking. He was enjoying it. Every. bit. of. it. He moved closer to me and pulled me by my waist, he came closer to my ear and whispered "Yes." ____________________________________


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Chasing L...
by Her_winx_