The Serpent & t...
By Wi1dCh1ld
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"You can drop the charade." "Pardon?" "The innocent, respectful, obedient, studious student façade." "I don't believe-" "You know perfectly well what I mean Tom. I don't want to be friends with a mask. I want to be friends with the boy underneath." †††† Tom thought love was a foolish ploy the weak, ordinary, and tainted used to explain away their weaknesses; that immortality, purity, and power were the things to be sought after; and purging and enslaving everything else was necessary to complete his and his ancestor's 'noble' and lofty goal. He believed that only one saw through his charming facade. He was wrong. Veronica had always believed that love was the strongest magic of all, she just didn't think that she herself would ever love. Then she met someone who didn't believe in love but needed it most of all. One who would turn the world on its head otherwise. Who would turn her world on its side or bring it crashing down. †††† In which a logical and sympathetic Ravenclaw's and a heartless, conniving Slytherin's fates accidentally intertwine while attending a school for witchcraft and wizardry. Takes place in the 1940-1941 School Year where Veronica's a First Year and Tom's a Third Year. †††† Book 1 of the Origins of the Heir series


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The Serpe...
by Wi1dCh1ld