My Dragon Princess(...
By Nash-Luke-Dragneel
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Lucy have been ignored by mostly the whole guild only Natsu and Happy talks to her When Lissana comes back from Edolos Lucy have only Natsu and Happy to talk to But cause of that,their fillings for each other grow But one day Lucy have been attack by the guild now she wants to leave but Natsu found out so he insisted on coming and she agreed Now Lucy,Natsu and Happy leave the guild and they found Lucy's mother where she train them both and where lucy found out about her true self But What did they learn? What will happen to their fillings for each other? Join Lucy for her new adventure hear at 'My Dragon Princess' Started:March 20,2018 Finish:???

My Dragon Princess(NaLu Fanfiction)

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My Dragon...
by Nash-Luke-Dragneel