Mismated [ON HOLD]
By Fudgecakexox
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"Fucking take off your clothes and get in that bed before I come back or I'll take you right against this wall, Blue," he growled in my ear, fingers curling round my forearm in warning. "You know what? Fuck you, Booker," I spat, tearing my arm out of his grasp and heading straight to the slightly open door. Suddenly, I was slammed against the wall beside me, my front pressed against the smooth, cold whiteness. "I guess you've made your choice," he whispered, his voice hot and heavy with lust entwined with amusement at my contempt. "It's nice to see you fail to defy me once more, Azure. It's nice to see you under my control." "I'll never be under your control, you asshole," I gritted but could feel my heart waver as he placed a wet, openmouthed kiss against my exposed neck. "I just want you to keep one thing in mind, Blue," he ordered me huskily, making my whole body tremble with want and hate. "When I fuck you, it doesn't mean I care about you. I would never love a woman." ~.~.~.~ In a world with only two packs, one with males and one with females, there is harmony. These groups hardly know of each other's existence or choose not to get involved with each other, resulting in women falling in love with women and men being mated with men. Even so, there's a prevailing flaw with the whole system. There are no heirs and the wolves are dying out. Azure is a headstrong yet compassionate woman who doesn't feel the same way. Having been constantly surrounded by girls her whole life, she thinks there must be something wrong with her for not being attracted to them. Booker, the Alpha of the Male pack, is perfectly happy - or so he thinks. With his good looks and charming ways, he kisses men, he fucks men and he dumps men. Living a life where everything is going to plan, he abruptly stumbles upon something that changes it. He's mated to a - girl? #1 in Sexy #8 in Werewolf #4 in Hate #1 in Alpha #1 in Mates #3 in Funny


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by Fudgecakexox