My Bonely Love (San...
By QueenOfNekoWriters
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Monsters are finally free to roam above the underground! After splitting up with Papyrus, Sans starts to feel a bit bonely. That is... Until he meets (y/n) (y/l/n). Then his world flips upside-down. But when people start to become scared of monsters, will this romance be able to last? Or are monsters and humans destined to never be together? *** Hello. Welcome to my newest story (I say that a lot...) which I'm really excited to write for. Please do not post hateful comments in this story, as I always try to keep a positive atmosphere in all of my stories. But helpful criticism is always taken and appreciated. Can't wait to see what all of you think! =^-^= *** Ranked 326 in 'sans x reader' as of 5/9/2018.

Chapter One

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My Bonely...
by QueenOfNekoWriters