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(HIGHEST RANK: #152 in Paranormal) The angels are beautiful. The angels are powerful. The angels are divine. The angels will tear you apart. The angels are violent. Brutal. Unforgiving. Ruthless. Because the angels are not angels. Stay away from these ethereal creatures. Don't touch their glorious wings. Don't think they are your equals. And don't, by any means, bind your soul to one. Follow these rules, and you should be fine. Don't be like Lorelei. She broke all four. Responsible and good-natured to a fault, Lorelei Luevano was only trying to pick up her plastered roommate from a neighboring city's bar when she almost hit the half-naked man that appeared unexpectedly in the middle of the deserted road. Wait, no, he didn't just appear in the middle of the road. He fell from the sky. And where did he land? In the middle of the road, several feet away from her car. Since then, Lorelei has been out of a car, short on sanity, and almost out of patience for a brooding angelic-like man that claims that she has stolen part of his soul, and he wants it back.


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by attuxcrispus