Melting For The Bad...
By Babyschuyler
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I was putting my books in my locker, when I felt two strong hands grab my waist" "What the actual fuck!" He smirked and brought his lips closer to mine. "Feeling uncomfortable kitty? I could easily fix that.. " Those were his last words before he crashed his lips on mine and kissed me deeply, pinning me against my locker Austin Armando Grayson. Popular, sneaky and everything but a nice guy. He is the schools player known to date a girl and dump her as if she is nothing but a toy to him.The hero of all the guys in the school and the dream of every girl. He's the schools king. Not every girl actually. Katelyn Amanda Jones is the only girl that would never fall for Austin's charms. Sister of one of Austins best friends, she was never noticed by anyone. But what could happen when the player of the school notices her and falls for our typical good student? Can they win a game against their destiny?

Nice to meet you, I'm katelyn

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Melting F...
by Babyschuyler