Mysterious Chaos...
By shinyumbreongirl
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In an alternate universe, what happens when the classic game of Heroes and Villains is taken seriously? Meet Kenny, he's been South Park's #1 hero since he was still a kid. His power? Immortality and brute strength. As Mysterion, he's beloved and liked. As Kenny, he's only known as the poor kid in South Park. And even if he spends a lot of time on Hero stuff, he always finds a way to spend time with his little sister. Now Meet Leo. Or better known as Butters. He's a Supervillain bent on bringing a night of Chaos to South Park. But in reality? He's a sweetheart. Well, when he's not Professor Chaos. His powers? The key is in his Tech, Hammer, and Strength. As Professor Chaos, he's an Evil Mastermind. As Butters, he's a punching bag for bullies. The twist? They have no idea who each other are! And what happens when Professor Chaos one day is able to successfully kidnap South Park's #1 Hero?

[1 - Kenny McCormick]

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by shinyumbreongirl