Glad to be here (Kl...
By Dafukanimu
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(Alpha! Lance x omega! Keith) Galra Keith X half Galra half Altean Lance!! Lance and Keith met at the age of 18 and got together in the same year, they've been dating for four years and married for two of those four, Keith's mother Krolia immediately accepted Lance into their family knowing full well the Cuban was an Alpha, Lance's siblings Marco, Luis, Veronica and Rachel all welcomed Keith with open arms, and his mother adores the omega, but his father isn't as accepting, he never approved of it but he tried to understand, but it comes off harder to accept then he thought But after being together for so long, Lance wanted to start a family, Keith wasn't opposed to the idea, so now here's the rising question, how would their life be like having a tiny miniature version of them running around their nice and simple home? Very domestic! I found out there aren't many Domestic already married Klance fanfics out there so I took this great liberty ⚠️WARNING!!⚠️ (MPreg) (male x male) (some slight homophobia) DISCLAIMER!! I used some scenes from Tadaima okaeri!! Pls go check it out @ Mangago! It's a good read and the whole reason why I made this!! Edit: the scenes are chapter 8 and some of chapter 11 I think???? (And part of chapter 13 <==coming soon)

Chapter 1

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Glad to b...
by Dafukanimu