Sorry, Wrong Number...
By MeJuliet
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Just send the text I think to myself as I type the words 'I like you' across the screen. I reluctantly, with trembling fingers, press the send button. I finally got up enough courage to send a text to my longtime crush Zayden Breez. Zayden Breez is typing. The suspense was killing me. How long could it possibly take to type the words 'I like you too'? I mean seriously, was this boy writing an essay? Who is this? The words appear across the screen. Didn't Zayden have my number? Maybe he was just playing with me. Keira Mayberry, we have math together Isn't this Zayden Breez. I quickly scramble to type. He actually was talking to me! Zayden Breez is typing. No, this is Ashton I dont' know a Keira. Pretty name though. I sigh. Well I messed this up. Maybe he's just playing I tell myself. But I'm starting to doubt it. Sorry, wrong number. I type before deleting the number and text messages. That didn't go as planned

Sorry, Wrong Number {Ashton Irwin Fanfic}

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Sorry, Wr...
by MeJuliet