In the middle of th...
By angiesoul
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I deeply inhale and after a few seconds, exhale. Sooner or later, I'll have to return. Stalling won't help. The call gave me new strengths and lifted me back up on my feet. I can't show him the consequences he made. I have to stay strong. With newfound determination, I walk back to his office. The door is still open, so I step in and close them behind me. I finally see him behind a desk, with his head enveloped in his hands. At the sound of the door, he lifts his gaze up but lowers it back down again. I almost feel sorry for him, but the alarms in my head ring, reminding me not to get tricked. He is the one, who deceived me first. I lift my head up high and loudly start to introduce myself, formally addressing him. "Hello, I am Mia Rose, your new assistant," and extend my hand. He looks at me surprised and his smile turns into a gentle one. I think I see a speck of sadness in his eyes, but my attention is drawn to his hand. "Hello, I'm Mark Adams, a professional photographer. Nice to meet you," and shakes my hand. I notice he addresses me formally as well. His handshake is strong but still gentle. I feel like he doesn't want to let go, but soon does and sits back in his chair.

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In the mi...
by angiesoul