Moon Goddess
By Diamond-y
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"There is a prophecy.... No one knows about.... " Rose Gold is an ordinary human girl. She is 17 years old and facing a whole senior year in her new school located in a small town she recently moved into with her father. The reason they moved is because her mom died from cancer and her father spent alot of money with medicine and hospitals that were no use. So they moved temporarily until their financial issue is solved. Rarely did Rose know that her moving into a town full of crimes and murders will lead her to an unexpected twist in her life. She will be faced with supernaturals that she has no idea existed and the consequences of her finding out about them. What will happen to Rose when she finds out that she is the mate of her biggest bully? And what will be her awaited faith? Author 's Note -this is my first book so sorry for grammatical mistakes😅slowly editing -the characters and events are from my imagination so anything you see similar to something in your life is total coincidence. ENJOY! Highest rankings: #1-moongoddess 8/12/2019 #1-heir 20/7/2019 #1-prophecy 8/4/2019 #2-werewolfandhuman 10/7/2019 #2-moon 10/7/2019

Prologue (Edited)

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Moon Godd...
by Diamond-y