Always Alone | ✓
By paudickson
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PREVIOUSLY TITLED WINTER IN MIAMI. This is book one in The Always Trilogy. After moving to the spontaneous city of Miami, Genevieve Peterson feels alone and out of place. Her shyness and self-doubt, prevent her from reaching her full potential in life. When she meets the enigma that is Devin Green, she's instantly drawn to his brawn physique. However, the more time they spend together, the more Genevieve realizes that Devin's mysteries are more than she bargained for. The fact that he randomly disappears at times, doesn't help either. Whatever secret he's holding is slowly tearing their relationship apart until one night when Devin starts talking. → | highest ranking #117 in chicklit | → | completed | Copyright © 2018 by paudickson. All Rights Reserved.

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Always Al...
by paudickson