Rain and Outer Spac...
By nocturnara
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"He's like the rain. His voice is a symphony to me, as soothing as when I heard the rain droplets hit the ground, knowing that I'm safe and sound. And the words he speaks astonish me every single time. They strike me the way thunders strike the ground." "He's like the outer space, unknown and majestic. His eyes are black holes that suck me in, and his mind is a fusion of galaxies, waiting to be discovered. And compared to him, I'm nothing but a tiny planet called Earth." When your life is on fire, burning, and about to break down, chase the cloud and ask for rain. When you're asking why you're here, look above and admire the outer space, just enjoy the beauty of nature instead of questioning it. [na jaemin x huang renjun] © 2018 nocturnara All Rights Reserved Highest Rank #1 renmin tag (180511) #8 jaemin tag (180527) #1 renjun tag (180620) #2 leedonghyuck tag (180713) #28 marklee tag (180716) #19 markhyuck tag (180731) #1 renjun tag (180803) #8 kimdoyoung tag (181207) #40 leetaeyong tag (181227) #1 jaemren tag (190213)


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Rain and...
by nocturnara