Blue (The Spectrum...
By AuthorAWhite
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Ballet had been Lily Lockheart's passion since she was a young girl. Attending Julliard, the Performing Arts school of the North East, was a dream come true in her tightly-woven plans. She would do anything and everything to get where she wanted. Blue Anderson. He is the persona of trouble: unruly black hair, tattoos and face piercings, and a retro guitar slung over his shoulder. He is everything Lily fears - insubordination and the unknown. And although she wishes to ignore his feeble pick-up lines and charming personality, she cannot help the feeling of excitement coursing through her veins with every sneaking glance and electric touch. Lily's own persona hangs in the balance as she struggles with life at Julliard and rock-band singer Blue. Will she succumb to his charm? Or will she remain the same, un-plucked and set on her ultimate goal?

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Blue (The...
by AuthorAWhite