Blessed - A Charmed...
By mdaCHARMED2016
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Set in 2015, just so age works out! Phoebe Halliwell and Clay Muniz had a son in 1998, she left New York and hasn't kept in touch with her son since she last saw him when he was born. Now he appears on the doorstep of the Manor and is reunited with mother after 17 years. And on his first day of school, he runs into the Losers' Club. Becoming one of the gang was easy and possibly the best thing to happen to this Charmed Son, but when Beverly Carson (Marsh) and Eddie Kresington (Kasprak) save him, the innocent and the day... one becomes three and it's no longer about the Blessed One. It's about the Blessed Ones. What adventures will ensue for this Blessed Power of Three? What are their powers? What evils will they go up against? How many demons altogether will they vanquish? How many innocents can they save? Most importantly, how much of a normal life can and will these witches obtain? It all starts here in the first Season of Blessed!

S1, EP1 - Happy Birthday Pip! You're A Witch!

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by mdaCHARMED2016