Wounded Hearts Will...
By SimplyxJess
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Can two wounded hearts come together to mend the pain? Bailey Keys never expected to lose her older sister, Lanie. The doctors said that she had time, that the odds were in her favor. And now she’s alone. With parents too wrapped up in their careers to notice, and friends that she unwillingly pushed away, she has no one left. That is, until her father throws a benefit concert for the Ladder 24 firemen and their families, and she meets someone with a similar wounded heart. All Evan Warren remembers are dusty grey particles and waves of oranges flying across the television screen. His last goodbye to his father was ended with a fight over not wanting to clean his bedroom and he forever regrets not ending things with a more sincere goodbye. Evan’s dad was a hero; a man who fought for the many innocent lives lost on 9-11, and he’ll always remember him as a hero. But Evan still wants his father back. Knowing that he died being a hero isn’t enough to mend Evan’s pain…until he meets a girl who might begin to understand the pain behind a broken heart.

Chapter 1 - To Infinity & Beyond

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Wounded H...
by SimplyxJess