Equal Ice // Harry...
By obeydimples
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They say the Olympics are every athletes dream, and once you’re in you’ve pretty much got it made for your career in that sport. The Olympics are a lot of hard work though. The audience just see’s the glitterly costumes and gracefulness on ice of the ice skaters, and the snowboarders doing a flip and making it lot easy, and also the hockey players taking hard falls and hits but getting up like it didn’t hurt them at all. What the athletes see though are hour after hour of training for months just for maybe one or two five minute performances, depending on how far you get. But even after those early mornings and long nights of work and being so tired you feel you might die, its all worth it in the end. All the training pays off when you get to perform on an Olympic stage.

Equal Ice

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Equal Ice...
by obeydimples