The Beauty & Th...
By ShirishaTeddy
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Varun Singhania is the CEO of Singhania groups of Company. He lost his parents at the age of 15 and all the responsibility of his little sister, Vrushika came upon him. Everyone knows him as an arrogant, rude businessman but only his best friend Arush Sharma knows that he is just like a coconut; hard from outside but soft at heart and he owns a romantic personality which no one is aware of yet except Arush. Varun is the brain behind Arush's romantic trips and dates. He somehow admires Arush's sister Aarohi but refuses to accept it. His strength is Aarush and his weakness is Vrushika. Aarohi Sharma is doing her MBA in St. Louise College. She wants an intership in one of the best companies in Mumbai. She is a strong headed girl and hates men from the core of her heart. Her only weakness is her brother Aarush, the only boy she trusts and respects. Arush and Arohi has been unbreakable since childhood. Varun was his Senior at college and of course, she hates him like all other guys. Her parents live in London but she chose to live with her brother in India because he cares her more than them. She is the best friend of Vrushika. Two souls, Poles apart. Will Varun will ever to realise his feelings? Will Arohi be able to trust him? Stay tuned! Cover credit: awesomeshivu

The Beauty and the Billionaire

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The Beaut...
by ShirishaTeddy