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Highest Ranking : #84 Hello readers this is your author speaking. Welcome to "Storytime"! This book is a compilation of stories that I have written in my free time. This book also serves as a filler for when I do not post on my other books. So, if you were reading my other books and still anticipating for a new chapter, while I haven't posted yet, you can jump over to read here. In this book, I also accepts requests for ideas. For example, If you have a scenario on mind yet you cant seem to write it down, maybe this book can help you. Or you can just request any idea down below. Some of these stories that I have written down, can be used for you or me if you want to add it in your own story. (I'd suggest telling me if you'd want it.) ! IMPORTANT ! • DO NOT request for anything inappropriate like smut etc. • DO NOT spread hate towards this book nor to other readers who comment. • DO add credits to me if you will use a story from here • PLEASE understand that I wont be able to post a lot because of lack of creativity and ideas as well a busy schedule Ok that's all I need to say here. I'll see you then. OVER AND OUT! BYE!

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