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By sanataus
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My mom told me, when I was 2, I fell from the roof top of 42 story building. When people came down running after me, they saw me sitting on a bench playing with a pretty doll in my hand. Her: And you didn't die? Me: No! He saved me. Her: who? Me: I know him, he is always with me. But! I don't know more. Her: And you fell with that pretty doll? Me: No! I had no doll, when I fell. She looked at my calm, baby face with horror.. It was last time when I saw my friend, she never came back after that! I waited and waited, she even refused to talk to me. Now I understood, I was just a 6 yrs old little girl.. to know, this world can never understand the love I am getting. World can never accept the bond we have. He's my guardian, he's my angel ... HE'S MY SOULMATE.

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by sanataus