Fluttering Feelings...
By LadyInRed0703
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Hello. Just like you, I'm also a fan of Fluttering Feelings. I wrote this out of my love and immense appreciation to Ssamba and her work. It broke my heart so much when I read the news that she already passed away. I decided to binge read her work again and was heartbroken even more because there's no way for me to know how Ssmaba planned to end her story. I was devastated. I love Norae and Seol-a so much. Fluttering Feelings was like my outlet from my frustrations in life. Just like its title, it never failed to make my heart flutter. So I decided to continue it with my own ideas just like the way how I understand Fluttering Feelings. I know we all have different thoughts and ways of understanding the story..but this is how I imagined it to continue. And I just want to share it with you guys. Hope you will all like it and enjoy reading it as much as I've enjoyed writing this.. Thank you so much Ssamba for your amazing work. I will forever miss you. And you will always be that one amazing author and artist who captured my heart. Please excuse my grammar. I'm really bad at it and English is not my language. This is my first time writing a story so I apologize If you might get confuse with my words or will have a hard time trying to understand what I wanted to express. Sorry in advance for the redundancy of my words. I have a poor English vocabulary. I'm not from Korea as well, so there might be instances that were different or I'm mistaken. So I apologize in advance for that. Enjoy!

Chapter 69

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by LadyInRed0703