A Dragon Rider's El...
By Trash_Queen_33
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When dark armies and evils of the past awaken in the 21st century, anicent powers choose four new dragon rider are chosen to be the guardians and protecters of their world. Together they mount thier dragons and defend the world from the drakness. This generation Larisa Highlander, an 18-year-old girl from Manhattan's Upper West Side armed with only sarcasm and a sword, has been chosen by a fierce fire dragon to be her rider. With new friends and two powerful brothers she learns long-forgotten secrets and may even find love in the mix of battle. But will love be enough to save her from the ancient evil that threatens to destroy the world as she knows it? Original/Fantasy/Romance Disclaimer: I own everything in the book expect the pictures I just pulled those off the internet. I hope you enjoy it!

Dreams and Dragons ( 1 )

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A Dragon...
by Trash_Queen_33