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By Academicdork
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"I'm independent." Your voice sounded small in his presence. This one thought was what fueled you your whole life. You never wanted to rely on anyone. Yet, once you received your soulmate sign, your independence was forgotten. He placed a hand on your shoulder. "That's what I love about you. But you helped me, so let me do the same." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Imagine a world where your soulmates are always within reach. Whether it's in the the form of music in your head or tattoos on your skin, soulmate signs come in many different shapes and forms. You write song lyrics and quotes and beautiful things on your arm, writing your whole soul onto your body. As soon as you turned 16, you started receiving responses back. However, they went ignored. You were always focused on school so you never dug deeper about your potential soulmate. It was only years later, when you had just graduated, free from the stress of school that you finally decided to get to know him. Little do you know, your words were always an inspiration to him.


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Write my...
by Academicdork