Flakes, Falling Lik...
By InkyFlesh
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Lonely, floppy-haired Cristoforo is lost in the snow with no memory! Now, he must find his way and his identity! Who will help him, Carlo, Giacomo, or the mysterious stranger? Will he rise or fall like just another snowflake? Read "Flakes" now to find out! Check out the trailer in the first part for a video summary. "Flakes" is filled with romance, mystery, snow, chocolate, a dash of Italy, and, of course, a sprig of Japan. Get ready for a fun romp, for "It's starting to snow!" Each episode opens with a teaser to tempt you in: "After a momentary pause, a finger extended to take up the drop of blood resting on his cheek like the last morsel from a plate." Read the opening now to find it for yourself. "Flakes" is fully drafted, revised, & will be posted in 12-ish parts.

"Flakes": Video Book Trailer

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Flakes, F...
by InkyFlesh