The Good Daughter
By Mhwilkie
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Warning: Rated R, Mature Audience Only! "He hovered over her mouth as he spoke, "Do not feel ashamed." She gasped as a tear eased out of her eye as he caressed her, "I can't resist having you." He kissed her again as unbuttoned his own shirt and gently laid on top of her, "You were made for me.. You make me feel less of a monster." " Bianca Marcose was always over looked, her evil older sister Rose made sure of that. She was always the good daughter, never spoke back, never caused trouble. Secretly she dreamed of a simple life, but when their ill mob boss father Avin needs to secure his daughters safety, everyone is shocked when he chose James Endrizzi to marry Rose and to take his place. James Endrizzi, womanizer, psychopath, handsome, fearless, heartthrob. Sounds dreamy? Not to Bianca "prude" Marcose. When James first arrives to Avins house, he is actually excited to meet Bianca, until he realizes that her sister is next in line for marriage. Since Bianca is off limits, he does what any normal man that acts like a teenager does, bullies her. He makes her life a living Hell since she is off limits. What will happen when her nature breaks his hard exterior? Thank you im_so_fab for the awesome cover art!


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The Good...
by Mhwilkie