The Trouble with Ki...
By infinityskylines662
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"One kiss can't change your life, right?" Dawn Moroles had it all planned out as she headed off to college. She wasn't going to socialize and try new things. She wasn't going to party or make new friends. Nobody would want to be friends with her, anyway. People only saw the surface and when they saw hers, they instantly and constantly classified her as an unassuming, studious nerd. A wallflower. She was sure that they wouldn't look carefully enough to realize that she was Muse, a hit YouTube singer. She wasn't going to tell them either. "If people are too blind to see what's right in front of them, they don't deserve to have their eyes opened for them". That was Dawn's new motto and she was going to follow it. She was going to keep to herself and study her ass off so that she could graduate early from college, which she was only surviving thanks to fellow YouTuber Arian. That was her plan. But plans have a way of going awry and boy, did hers ever! Instead of getting a single where she could have privacy to write and record her YouTube videos, Dawn got cooped up with a preppy, stereotypical blond cheerleader for a roommate. She did not plan for that! And she definitely didn't plan to meet bad boy Cole Anderson and for their instant animosity and sexual tension to be born. Current cover by: @birdcrowns The Trouble With Kiss-O-Grams. Copyright © 2017 by InfinitySkylines662. All Rights Reserved.

The Trouble with Kiss-O-Grams

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The Troub...
by infinityskylines662