The Untold Moon God...
By DolliDoe
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Books, Smarty Glasses, Braided hair, and a fvcking quiet Me. Yep.. That's how they define nerd. I mean, yeah I agree but sometimes I don't. I used to get bullied by anonymous bitch in my school. Nothing will change. Kahit pa na lumipat ako ng ibang school. Mangyayari uli ang mangyayari. I used to love reading books. That's my only way to avoid normal bitches who is fucking insulting me. Myth books somehow amazed me. I have trust issues. Well, I used to trust one but thay changed because of that person. I don't have friends. Yeah. I don't and no need to tell me. Cause I know myself and I know what's happening to my life. As a normal nerd, I have my normal Home, Normal family, normal class. NORMAL EVERYWHERE! but... After they gave me the necklace. It all changed. I got transferred AGAIN to another school. No.... I mean Academy. From Mystical academy to MYTHICAL academy. Sounds crazy right? I got to know and be friend of a crazy woman who is also nerd. Not judgemental, but yeah, she's a nerd. Like I am. From being normal, to abnormal. I've got to see magics. I got to encounter vampires, werewolves, witchcrafter, imps, Elemental manipulator, Angels. And...... Demons. It's crazy but it's true. And..... I got to a dreamy place where I can see beautiful creatures. I can see unbelievable sightings. And The best is, I got to live with them. And that is great. And I want to explore more. I want to know more. I am Flora Luna Arcadia And this is my Adventure.... [HIGHEST RANK ACHIEVED: #1 IN ACADEMY -JUNE 05 2020 #3 FANTASYFICTION #4 FANTASYCREATURES #3 TAGLISH - SEPT. 14 2020 #2 FANTASYFICTION OCT 3. 2020] CREDITS TO THE OWNER OF THE IMAGE. I GOT IT FROM PINTEREST


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The Untol...
by DolliDoe