The Storyteller
By MarilynAHepburn
  • Mystery / Thriller
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  • alternateuniverse
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"I was needed more than I ever could've imagined--and what I imagined would be everything I needed." An invisible presence sat on the edge of her bed and told her to write its story--a story stolen from the pages of history. Unfortunately, she lacked the writing ability needed to bring a tale about eccentric characters in alternate universes to life--literally. She also lacked a willingness to be shot in the head for writing it. Despite her fears and resistance, the unlikely storyteller decided to take on this impossible project. "They" were going to killer her, whether she liked it or not. The only option she had was to make the most of the time she had left. If the storyteller could stretch the possibilities for life beyond the borders of reality--before a bullet pierced her skull--she'd free humanity from mental slavery. It was an honorable task worth sacrificing her life for. Definitely more noble than being remembered as the lady who pushed her cat around the neighborhood in a stroller.

Copyright - Marilyn Hepburn

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The Story...
by MarilynAHepburn