The Storyteller [ON...
By MarilynAHepburn
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An otherworldly presence asks an inexperienced writer to save humanity from mental slavery with her storytelling. The writer refuses. She doesn't want to die for a fictional story--a tale about alternate egos in parallel universes living out the choices she could've made for herself, but didn't. Why? A powerful secret society--the Debellator--would kill her and her alternate egos if she exposed the truth about reality to the world. Illusions and deceit have kept the Debellator in control for thousands of years. They've mastered the art of hunting--across parallel worlds--anyone who threatens their reign. The writer eventually caves--choosing to die for the truth of a story instead of living in deceitful illusions. Luckily, she has allies willing to help her (and her alternate egos) slip between the parallel universes to stay off the Debellator's radar. A sexy hunk, a wise mentor and a wicked martial artist are just a few of the unique characters fighting in her corner. However, the writer's most powerful ally is YOU--the reader. An unread story can't shatter the Debellator's walls around human possibility. Your participation is essential. Are you going to help the unlikely heroine by reading her story? Or are you going to let her take a bullet to the brain? The fate of reality depends on you.

Copyright - Marilyn Hepburn

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The Story...
by MarilynAHepburn