Sinclaire Academy
By YouNique09
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Hoping for a fresh start, Adrianna Walter reluctantly enrolls at Sinclaire Academy-an elite school for humans and vampires. But upon her arrival, she discovers that there is more to Sinclaire Academy than what meets the eye. *** Unsure of what's waiting for them, Adrianna Walter's family moves to Hangrove where the largest population of vampires in the country lives. She then enrolls in Sinclaire Academy and crosses paths with Pureblood vampire Senri Sinclaire-the guy who is nothing but serious and cold. Starting off on the wrong foot, never did Adrianna imagine that she gets to befriend Senri, let alone be his girlfriend. He's at the top of the Pyramid and she's just a lowly human...or so she thinks. As she unveils secrets and mysteries about vampires and her forgotten past, Adrianna soon realizes that Sinclaire Academy isn't as simple as she believed. And maybe, just maybe, she's actually more special than what people perceive her to be. Disclaimer: This story is written in Taglish. Cover Design by Louise De Ramos

Sinclaire Academy

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by YouNique09