Waves Of Destiny
By Finest_Wine
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There's only so much the human mind can take before it implodes. Adaeze Umeh has imploded and everyone is going to be affected. Molested as a child, she found fulfilment in going after the bad guys, the perverts and the pedophiles. Her experience was sealed in a compartment and used as fuel for her drive. Despite nagging from her mother, life was good without a love life. But Life didn't know the plan. Two men throw a wrench in her wheels, rocking the steady boat she made for herself. But it's okay, she found a way to make it work, and work it did. Until she found herself spiralling down the path that led to the past. And the aftermath of her encounter with the demon from the past brings upon her something that takes away most parts of her life. Adaeze struggles to live in a world with normal people, a world filled with love. The implosion was sudden, she was fine really, but can damage control be done? @Zia_Tiffah gives wonderful descriptions ???

The Ink inside the pen

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Waves Of...
by Finest_Wine