A series of stupid...
By Lucarioishere
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After years of not ageing and generally having no reason to still exist, Old Sport gets once more called by his Phone-friend and told that there is one last chance to create Freddy's right. Of course he agrees. Turns out it isn't all that easy to keep a business running, while an obsessive serial killer tries to get in. Or confetti costs about 3000 dollar. Or you have no idea what you're doing in general. Note: On the friendly advise of Dragonblade122 aka JadeDearden, I will crosspost the stuff I write from AO3, so if you come from there, you already know this story... but if not, then I hope you enjoy! (I'd actually be interested to hear which website you prefer, so do tell me where you first find this and which website you prefer!)

Get a job!

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A series...
by Lucarioishere