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All about being the lack of options, the condition that forces us to do something extreme, wether we like it or not. Actually there is only very few situations, if there is any, that really offer you no options. Choices are always there, although some might look miniscule or unworthy. Like this one. I wanted to write a novel but instead, due to my lack of skill or lack of knowledge, it ended up as an erotic short stories. True that I could choose to stop writing this story altogether, but for the sake of writing itself, or perhaps because I love erotica, I did choose to continue it. Likewise, it's up to you, knowing that this is an erotica, to stop reading it or to continue. A bit of disclaimer I must give you: I explored a few fetish and perversity here that some people might conaider it as gore or horrible. A mouthful of blowjobs and swallowing (no pun intended), a dash of submission , a pinch of CFNM, a bit of party of three, a trace of exhibitionism, and just a teeny weenie hint of scat (I couldn't stand any level stronger than what I depicted here anyway). So, should you choose to go on reading, do it at your own risk.


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by Desreveremannep