Fate is a Funny Thi...
By adreameralways
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This is a story about a red haired, green eyed girl named Darelyn Melodious Jewel. Her mother had left her when she was only 11 and now her being 16, she still can't seem to forgive her. Her father re-marries again soon to a blonde haired, blue eyed beauty Sasha Marilyn Pierce, she was happy, until she saw her true face..a person who likes to hurt her for fun. she had been hurt mentally and physically, but then there is a new boy who's her neighbor. she goes through a hell lotta drama which includes boys, family feuds, friends, school life, sibling rivalry..pretty much everything! But the question is, in the end of all this drama she goes through..does she get all she ever wanted? or does she end up having nothing at all and being unhappy? This may seem like a typical love story..and this is..but it has twists and turns at the most unexpected time..

Fate is a Funny Thing 1

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Fate is a...
by adreameralways