Ghost Wolf
By Keimaro
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Werewolves. They are infectious creatures of the night, able to move swifter than the fastest steeds and rend the hardest steel with their sharpened claws. Through saliva, these beasts spread their disease, morphing afflicted humans into the monsters they fear. But for centuries, these creatures were thought to be extinct. Until now. Beneath the city of Horux, a werewolf lives, waiting to deliver its vengeance on humanity. To protect his people, Yuri, a boy from the slums, must sacrifice everything and slay this beast before it causes the destruction of all he holds dear. A tale of fellowship, powerlessness, war, love and acceptance, Ghost Wolf is the story of a young man that travels a line between man and beast on a perilous journey to save his people. The book is publishing in Jan of 2019. To be directly notified upon its publication, message me your email and follow me on social media. This is the prequel to "Age of Darkness," but is a standalone and requires no prior knowledge of the series or my other novels. For Age of Darkness: For God of War, Ares:

Chapter One: Behind Silver Bars

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Ghost Wolf
by Keimaro