The Possessive Play...
By itsmaidenblack
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He discarded women after getting tired being with them. That's what he is. Capable of hurting girls feelings. Woman is like a passing fancy to him and the one who can provide his needs as a man. He's obviously a playboy, a jerk who can own a woman in just a smile. A smile that can melt your heart. He lived a life with less struggles, everything is under his control. Until he met Nysie Mendoza. The only one who can make his heart flutter. And with that, everything gets fucked up. His life, his career as one of the well sought business man and he even lose interest in womanizing. He couldn't stop thinking about her. Her scent, her lips and her tantalizing eyes made him go crazy and lose focus in everything. He's pissed to the core. He can get women everytime he want, but Nysie is different. Even if he give his sweetest smile to her, offer his everything just to have her, it's still no effect. And for the first time in his life, he got rejected. How dare that woman? *** Book 1 (1/4) of Tadhana Series. For more related books, just visit my profile. Warning: R18. There are some scenes with mature content. Written by: itsmaidenblack


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The Posse...
by itsmaidenblack