The Cruel King of A...
By r_h_rose
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He is pain, he is punishment, the one thing he is not is love. Kirti meets the brother of her best friend and he is the most beautiful boy she had ever seen. Little did she know, the boy will turn her life around in ways she could never imagine. Zavi is meant to be the king of Ashudhar, a world in another dimension. He is cruel, no one dares to cross his path until this meager woman does. He hates the traitors of Ashudhar, and that's exactly what she is, a traitor's child. Death was her only escape or so she thought. They have a tug that's impossible to deny. Will he listen to his heart or pull her to her doom? 🚫Warning: The book is meant for 18+ only due to sexual content.


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The Cruel...
by r_h_rose