Your Such an Idiot
By PaperBagBoi_
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"Pinetree I guess this is it." "Bill n-no please don't leave me! " "I'm gonna miss you." "B-Bill don't." "I've always looked up to you." "Don't leave me!" "It's for the best and have a great birthday, grow up and don't look back." "I NEED YOU! " "See ya Pinetree." "We made a de-" The weirdmageddon just ended once he said those final words. Stan, Ford and Mabel stopped Bill from taking over the world. The time Dipper was capture by Bill he learned things about Bill. That he wasn't a monster this whole time, he was just misunderstood. Years later Dipper is now seventeen he's returning to gravity falls and still depressed about what happened years ago. He's also face anxiety because of the things that happened in gravity falls. Mabel was confused what happened to Dipper and everytime she asked he just stuttered and runs away. Something weird happens when Dipper comes back to gravity falls. Bill returns but something is different about him. Bill grows feelings for Dipper after someone points Bills feeling for Dipper out for him. Would these two last? Can Stan and Ford except this? Would Bill hurt Dipper?

H-He's gone

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Your Such...
by PaperBagBoi_