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Highest Rankings : #43 in Darkness #7 in Fantasy #9 in Adventure ~ When the world was young ten races conquered the region of Dragonhill. These races lived in peace until war broke out between them in order to conquer more land. Bloodshed filled the land until one member of an ancient race returned the peace. Centuries later aether became known to the region and ten sacred weapons were created to combat this evil force. Once contained the region saw another centuries worth of peace with a few hiccups along the way. Soon after a war broke out between the races with the enemy force being the only two races that possessed dark elemental power; the Demons and the Falcons. The sacred weapons resurfaced to face this new threat, banishing the two races after the war. 20 years after what was known as the Great War, a threat unlike any other has appeared. With the sacred weapons becoming dormant, it is up to a prince from the Demon Realm to search for these weapons and put an end to this upcoming force. ~ Disclaimer: Descriptions will always be my weak point and so will my writing skills.

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