A Boy Named Hayden
By ScarlettBlackDaisy
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° in which a lover becomes a fighter, and a fighter becomes a lover ° × based on a true story, a fictional, standalone revisiting/spin-off of the Him series × A boy named Hayden ... was that all I was? To the world, I was a broken boy, a boy with demons plaguing his mind and monsters crawling under his skin. I was a boy with scars on his body and in his past, a boy with too many responsibilities, too many burdens, too many flaws. To the world, I was only that. To Helena, I was moonlight and dust. I was flames licking the stars, a mixture of devastation, destruction, and undeniable beauty. I was all the drugs coursing through her veins, all the addictions numbing her being, all her dreams wrapped in one illusory ribbon. To her ... I was everything. So much more ... than a boy named Hayden. x you do not need to read the original series to understand this story x w a r n i n g : the story contains strong language, themes of abuse and mental health issues, toxic relationsips, and several mature topics. I might even drop a sex scene or two if i feel like it, but they will be marked so feel free to skip them. Started: 1st May, 2019.


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A Boy Nam...
by ScarlettBlackDaisy