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By ScarlettBlackDaisy
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Sam -- or Barrister-in-training Sami-ullah Yusuf -- is not a nobody. He might be a lot of things: smart, cocky, and highly sexist -- but he doesn't think so. With a good head on his shoulders, a life most would kill for, and a group of friends who worship him -- metaphorically, of course -- Sam has it all, but none of that which he chose. Not even his name and title. Everything changes when his life intermingles -- quite coincidentally -- with that of Parisa, the utter personification of look-like-a-butterfly-sting-like-a-bee. Full of venom for the Indian culture she represents, especially now that she has lost her ability to walk, Parisa would rather expend her energies to express her strong and highly controversial opinions, which might or might not be correct. But when Sam finds out that Parisa's jump from the fifth story building -- which she miraculously survived -- is attempted murder rather than attempted suicide, he knows he's in for a journey that will shake his life on its hinges. Because nobody knows Parisa's secret. And Sam wants to be her nobody. ... Warning: The story contains strong discussions on religion, culture, sexism, feminism, and disability. Read if you can respect new perspectives and keep an open mind.

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by ScarlettBlackDaisy